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Food Shortage USA’s get straight to the point, this is being offered to enable you to get your leg over & over & over. Night after Night you’ll be bedding the most attractive members of your opposite sex or indeed whatever personally turns you on when you have read, absorbed and then put to use the contents of the these Amazing Books & Courses contained within this truly mind blowing compilation .

You’ll be taught the most powerful secrets of NLP for use in flirting, attracting and most importantly bedding those people you desire along with secrets of the super lovers, how to give your partner the ultimate sexual experience that they will never forget and much, much more, much of which is far too explicit to detail here and as such this is Strictly for Adults Over 18 only!

Speed Hypnotic Seduction is also taught on this Unique , as are the true powerful secrets of Body Language and many other related subjects such as Cold Reading, Palmistry and Psychic Skills and how to use these to get the person you desire into bed with ease.

You’ll be taught how to covertly hypnotize people against their conscious knowledge and even without their consent, the Secrets of Subliminal and Embedded Commands to increase your Sexcess will also be revealed in a simple step by step manner along with many other valuable brainwashing, conditioning and NLP style Seduction Techniques all of which have been tried, tested and proven to work in the real world many times.

The Esoteric Secrets of Mind Manipulation and Control are also exposed enabling you to turn even the most prim and proper sexual partner into a veritable sexual beast willing to obey your every command!

Even established Hypnotherapy Consultants and Exponents of Stage Hypnosis will learn many valuable secrets from the contents of this as many of the covert Hypnotic Techniques are being revealed in print, here for the very first time.

You would be well advised to buy this before any other similar item on Ebay as many of the items being offered on Ebay are simply Copyright Free and/or Public Domain Books, Documents or Courses, which anyone may sell legally and freely. So in order to SAVE YOU A FORTUNE we have included all of the Copyright Free & Public Domain material which many others charge high prices for as a Special Free Bonus on this !

If you want more Sex then you could ever possibly dream of or handle then you owe it to yourself to order this compilation today and change your sex life for the better forever!


You’ll also be sent a valuable FREE gift with all items you purchase. This gift is a BONUS mega-package of 200 megabytes of books on hypnosis and much more!

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